Julie Armstrong


Pharmacist, Cancer survivor, top S&P 50 career veteran, elected official, equestrian, and past pro sports management refugee. Julie Armstrong is CEO and Co-Founder of Aurelius Data. Putting patients first, Aurelius is applying deep learning to plant medicine to increase quality of life through fewer side effects and targeted efficacy. The company utilizes AI and ML to analyze consumer use and perception data to determine personalized regimens by symptom and reveal IP.

Julie has a deep knowledge of the pharmaceutical and medical sciences, and a long history of service, including roles on municipal and state health boards. She also serves as a State of Montana Ambassador and is well versed in navigating government and regulatory environments.

With a Bachelor of Pharmacy, Medical Sciences Technologist from UT Southwestern Medical Center, she also holds several degrees from the University of Texas; Master of Science, Exercise Sports Science, and Bachelor of Science in Advertising and Marketing, as well as a Bachelor of Arts in English from Texas A&M.