Everyone has had the experience. You have a health concern and you don’t particularly want to discuss it in a public environment where you can be overheard. The current recipe is sensitive information in a sensitive situation, then add a healthy layer of the new normal and everything gets even more complicated. We are in a time of contactless and touchless interactions amid health concerns beyond what anyone could have imagined. Maintaining health and wellness can provide an even more complicated experience when you have a “sweaty palms” conversation in an already stressful environment.

We all need a hand sometimes to get through these trying events. In service to that, Aurelius Data’s Aura app provides a groundbreaking feature to promote simple, secure, accurate information exchange about your health and wellness preferences for our new normal. A portable record, up-to-date, and ready to use in any environment. Private, safe, and simple.  

Announcing AuraCode

AuraCode provides constantly updatable, convenient, secure access to your health and wellness information on your mobile device. The Aura app is designed from the ground up to help you compile your wellness data, process it, and present it to you in a dependable, simple format on any mobile device to any healthcare provider. You are in complete control of the relevant information you want to share, and who sees it.

After updating your information through a series of microsurveys and product information inputs, Aura compiles a comprehensive current picture of your wellness history and healthcare preferences consisting of your current diagnosis, prescription medications, symptoms, plant medicine usage and preferences, and efficacy of treatment regimens, all available at your fingertips. 

Our AI engine generates a secure, unique QR code displayed on your mobile device and available for a limited time to protect your privacy. The information can be shared with your healthcare provider by allowing them to scan the QR AuraCode to display your information securely and temporarily on their device. You can also tap the code and display the information on your screen giving you total control of how and with whom it is shared. It provides a completely touchless method of providing sensitive information, with the added bonus of minimizing uncomfortable conversations about issues you want to keep from prying ears. 

AuraCode inherently supports social-distancing practices and enables a method of safely sharing sensitive information, non-verbally supporting a contact-free encounter. In a pharmacy, you can give your pharmacist a clear picture of everything in your regimen. In a dispensary, you can show a budtender what traditional pharmaceuticals you use regularly. In any location, your total wellness picture can be privately shared so that all of the traditional pharmaceutical and plant-based medicines you seek can be evaluated for potential interactions and paired properly to enhance the efficacy of your overall treatment choices.

Future enhancements to your AuraCode will support integrating data from personal monitoring devices and biometric input from your device. Valuable real-time updates via these personal tracking devices will be combined with AI analysis of selfies via your device’s camera, and AI-driven composite wellness data via the current and future sets of self-assessments and Aura microsurveys. Build your story with My Aura. Let AuraCode help you take charge of your information. 

It’s time to take charge of your wellness. It’s time to increase the efficacy of your choices. It’s time to illuminate your path to health. It’s time for Aura

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