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In our current pandemic-altered, low-contact reality, we’ve all been enrolled in a crash-course on the value of human connection and contact. Even within the context of this current climate, that value increases exponentially when you are trying to work through a new diagnosis or a chronic illness. There is an inherent benefit to discussing any […]


Everyone has had the experience. You have a health concern and you don’t particularly want to discuss it in a public environment where you can be overheard. The current recipe is sensitive information in a sensitive situation, then add a healthy layer of the new normal and everything gets even more complicated. We are in […]

Introducing: My Aura


When it comes to health and wellness, raising the bar for self-efficacy is never easy. Multiple sources, disparate information, differing opinions, traditional medicine, holistic treatments, plant-based alternatives, navigating the risk versus the reward presents a huge challenge to anyone. Trying to find a solid reference point to act as a beacon to illuminate a path […]