In our current pandemic-altered, low-contact reality, we’ve all been enrolled in a crash-course on the value of human connection and contact. Even within the context of this current climate, that value increases exponentially when you are trying to work through a new diagnosis or a chronic illness. There is an inherent benefit to discussing any topic with someone who has or is going through similar struggles to learn from their path and share your ideas to raise each other’s bar.

“Community can be defined simply as a group in which free conversation can take place. Community is where I can share my innermost thoughts, bring out the depths of my own feelings, and know they will be understood. Communication leads to community — that is, to understanding, intimacy, and the mutual valuing that was previously lacking.”

Rollo May

Aurelius Data’s Aura app provides a secure Community feature to allow users to connect with each other to find like-minded people. People who share a commonality in treatment choices, struggles, and victories.  Community is a secure, organic communication system that provides users with the opportunity to discuss their experiences and concerns about plant-based medicines and treatment regimens to create bonds and empower patient users to raise the efficacy for their personal journey and develop relationships along the way.

One-to-one and group work within Community can be used across a range of disciplines such as chronic disease self-management to provide direct emotional support, product education, and group support. Groups are beneficial as they provide opportunities to meet others with similar health issues or in similar circumstances, learn from peers, develop self-awareness, give and receive feedback, and recognize that others share comparable challenges that can lead to more success with self-management. 

Users can share personal product reviews, dispensary recommendations,  information about all aspects of their personal wellness journey. Within the Aura Community, users can form groups that act as peer-led health education and social support. These secure, online support groups can be asynchronous or synchronous, providing a wide range of interpersonal social and educational benefits. Many studies have shown that peer interaction can lead to behavior changes that can fuel improvements in health outcomes.

Moving forward Community will include telemedicine components like counseling, group therapy, provides crucial therapeutic elements such as universality, group cohesiveness, and interpersonal learning, all of which promote positive individual outcomes 

Future enhancements to the Community AI will support deeper more robust friendship suggestions, voice input capabilities, and video chat about the experiences you’ve had with a particular product or treatment path. Additionally, Aurelius Data’s partnerships with advocates,  counselors, healthcare providers, and advisors will contribute their perspectives and provide access to healthcare professionals and services to the Aura user community.

Additionally, Aura will be actively integrating data from personal monitoring devices and targeted biometric input from your device to improve the efficacy ratings of your personal choices. Valuable real-time updates via these sources will be combined with AI analysis of selfies via your device’s camera, and AI-driven composite wellness data via the current and future sets of self-assessments and Aura microsurveys. Build your story and illuminate your path with Community.

Let Aura help you take charge of your health and wellness.

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