When it comes to health and wellness, raising the bar for self-efficacy is never easy. Multiple sources, disparate information, differing opinions, traditional medicine, holistic treatments, plant-based alternatives, navigating the risk versus the reward presents a huge challenge to anyone. Trying to find a solid reference point to act as a beacon to illuminate a path to wellness is something we all struggle with at some point. No comprehensive personalized reference guide exists to clearly explain what works for your ailment and most importantly how it may interact with traditional pharmaceuticals and your physiology.

Enter My Aura

Aurelius Data’s Aura app is free to patients and is driven by My Aura, a system of information to help you develop a personalized picture of your treatment path, experiences, and product preferences. It powers the beacon towards your health and wellness. My Aura is built from a series of micro surveys, information sharing, and personal data that is compiled, cross-referenced, and presented for your secure personal use. The AI-powered AuraCloud compiles information about your diagnosis, method of treatment with traditional pharmaceuticals as well as plant-based remedies. It relates these choices and therapies to personal input about your general health and wellness into a simple, easily readable format. 

My Aura is HIPAA compliant and completely private. You decide what information to display securely via your device. The information can be conveniently and securely shared with your physician and other health professionals by allowing them to scan a code or displaying a secure version directly on their device to provide a clear picture of the state and status of all of their current treatment choices. 

Taking charge of your treatment and increasing your self-efficacy are keys to wellness. Informed consent is the best weapon against poor treatment decisions. My Aura provides a convenient secure method to replace uncomfortable conversations with a pharmacist or healthcare provider and put you in charge of your vital information. Knowledge is power. The notion that a healthcare provider is the only expert qualified to make your wellness decisions without your empowered input is antiquated. Let that relationship evolve and be transformed into a mentoring partnership. My Aura helps give you the ability to understand your own health and raise your bar with regard to the efficacy of decision-making about your choice of treatments.

My Aura is a fluid, scaffolded set of information to support self-education and self-awareness around your own treatment choices and maintains how they have affected you and your health over time. My Aura is designed with ease of user experience in mind. can provide a simple, clear, touchless picture of your current wellness information. It is readily available so you can update your choices and preferences as frequently as you like, putting you in charge, ensuring that all the information critical to you about your current state of well-being is available at your fingertips. 

Future enhancements to My Aura will support integrating data from personal monitoring devices and biometric input from your device. Valuable real-time updates via these personal tracking devices will be combined with AI analysis of selfies via your device’s camera, and AI-driven composite wellness data via the current and future sets of self-assessments and Aura microsurveys. 

Build your story and illuminate your path with My Aura. Let Aura help you take charge of your health and wellness. 

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