If you take more than one medicine, it is vital to take them carefully and safely. Some medicines can interact and cause side effects. It can also be hard to keep track of when and how to take each medicine. Managing traditional over the counter medication, plant-based medicines and natural holistic supplements can be beyond daunting. Aurelius Data’s Aura app includes several methods to help you proactively track your plant-based medicine choices in the palm of your hand to simplify some of those tasks. 

The My Product tool allows you to track your brand preference for a product, along with strain or product name, your feelings about its efficacy, and recent effects with a simple, dependable secure user interface. 

The concept is simple. Keep track of what you’re using so over time, you know what works and what doesn’t. The information you provide is combined using Aurelius Data’s proprietary AI and machine learning to build your personal aura within the application so you can share your current products and medications with your healthcare provider. You can take charge of your healthcare conversation and participate to be certain that there are no drug interactions or undesired effects. 

Using My Product with your device’s camera, you can capture an image of your current product or scan UPC or QR code to obtain current, trusted, accurate information about the ingredients of partner products as well as certificates of authenticity from testing labs cannabis- and hemp-based products. Use that in concert with Aura’s micro surveys, and you can update your product information as often as you like. The feature also supports noting both the physical and mental effects you experienced during your last session. Using the Aura Voice Control to manage your updates takes simplicity to the next level. Just state the changes to your brand, product preferences, and usage patterns and let Aura handle the rest. 

You can access the history of your product use at any time by swiping through your previous choices. Overtime Aura will learn your product preferences and present you with what has been most effective based on your input. Additionally, Aura can suggest commonality matches with other members of the Aura community based on your product usage, so you can discuss your experiences in a safe, supportive environment.

Future enhancements to My Product will support guided, voice input capabilities so you can create your own deep dive into the experiences you’ve had with a particular product. Medication reminders, so you can set alerts to help you take your medicines as your healthcare provider tells you.  

Additionally, Aura will be actively integrating data from personal monitoring devices and targeted biometric input from your device to improve the efficacy ratings of your personal choices. Valuable real-time updates via these sources will be combined with AI analysis of selfies via your device’s camera, and AI-driven composite wellness data via the current and future sets of self-assessments and Aura microsurveys. 

Build your story and illuminate your path with My Product. Let Aura help you take charge of your health and wellness.

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