At Aurelius Data, our #1 goal is protecting your personal, sensitive information – anonymity is a key feature we built into Aura. With the Aura mobile app, we’ve made sure that your personal, identifiable information is safe and secure.

Here are a few steps we’ve taken to ensure that you feel at ease when using Aura:

  • Users have complete control over what information they share with Aura.
  • Your location data is only used to provide relevant information within Aura.
  • No personal or identifying information will be shared, sold, or distributed to third parties without your explicit permission.
  • No sensitive personal data is stored on your device, in backups, or outside the app’s secure storage system.
  • Passwords are private and never shared or exposed through the interface.

Aura is HIPAA compliant and completely private. YOU decide WHAT information to share and WHO to share that information with (such as your physician and other health professionals). Aura content is also completely anonymous – you don’t ever have to provide your real name. Your identity is your preference and your profile is secure within your account.

The important thing is that you feel completely comfortable providing your honest, real feedback about your plant medicine use, effects, experience, and interactions. The peace of mind you gain while using Aura will help you confidently take charge of your treatment, giving you more control over your health.


Aurelius Data, Inc is a patient use and perception focused big data company. We deliver insights from analyzing the intersection of science, user perception, product use, chemical analysis, and the users’ reported medical condition and symptom resolution. Our mission is to put the patient first, by increasing confidence and understanding, drive product development, boost customer retention, reveal cutting edge IP discoveries, and provide immediate, tangible value to every user.

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